Getting Started

What is my first step?

Call 770.452.0786 to speak with Leah Emerson.  


What do I do next?

1. SCHEDULE a time to preview a class at no charge.

2. TAKE the "Is DBT and RO-DBT for me" quizzes here 



3. FILL out the new patient paperwork:

 4.  READ through the bios and see if there's a clinician you would like to work with. If they are taking new patients, we will do our best to accommodate your first choice.


Atlanta DBT does not take insurance. We are a fee for service practice.


Our outcomes are so great that insurance companies typically make a 'SINGLE CASE AGREEMENT" where they agree to treat us as an in-network provider for you. 

We require a first appointment to collect the information that we would need to petition the insurance company to cover our services for you. Our staff will request an SCA on your behalf for a flat rate. A successful SCA is not guaranteed, however, our staff has succeeded with each case to date. 

Basic Information

You will attend:


  • Skills Class: Each module is 7 weeks for Adolescent Classes, &  Adult classes. Classes are 90-120 minutes.


For adultsthe class you attend (DBT or RO-DBT) will be discussed at your evaluation.